Capri, a far from the crowd place for the perfect Mediterranean holiday

Capri, a far from the crowd place to live the relaxing experience of a Mediterranean holiday.  Spring certainly is the best season of the year to enjoy such an experience.

This is true for a number of reasons. Let us assume that you would love to stroll down one of the island’s many fancy, typical streets, or sit at the table in famous ‘Piazzetta’. AprilMay and early June, when the island’s nature gives its best, are the best time for that.

The scent of blossoming flowers and blooming Mediterranean Scrubland, also know as ‘Macchia Mediterranea‘, is, in fact, something quite unique.

Hotel Senaria

Let us also say that you like hiking. Though it is a small island, Capri offers dozens of hidden pathways and trails leading to the most stunning views. A pleasant experience thanks to Spring’s mild temperatures.

Colours. Capri in Summer, with its bright, vibrant and joyful colours is quite something. But, if you’re looking for nuances, infinite shades and gradients of warm colours, sunset in May is what you most surely want.

Hotel Senaria

As the sun goes down, the sky get painted with a spectacle of colours words cannot describe.



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