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Spring, time to travel… to Capri Island

Capri island is a whole world to discover. A world of many beautiful things to do and see that you will always remember. Each and everyone of such things in turn represent a reason to come back.

Sparkling blue-green waters, wonderful trails leading to spectacular views, marvellous surroundings to discover. Beauty all around.

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Capri is in fact right in the middle of the gulf of Naples, which allow visitors to reach such places as Ischia island, Procida island, the city of Naples itself, Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast in just a bunch of minutes.

Speaking of Capri, Hotel Senaria is located in the heart of Anacapri town’s historic centre. A very picturesque place. The ideal location to live a real Mediterranean experience.

An intimate and romantic location, far from Capri town’s fancy rustle duzzle, which is still something worth of experiencing.

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Hotel Senaria is just a bunch of minutes from such amazing places as the Lighthouse and the Blue Grotto.  Places you will almost certainly fall in love with.

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Capri, not just Faraglioni

Capri is internationally renowned for three majestic rocks rising from the island’s south-eastern waters: the Faraglioni rocks.

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However, not everyone knows that a further faraglione exists. It is called ‘Scoglio del Monacone‘. A possible English translation might be the Monk’s rock. But this is just a conjecture, as the name’s origins is uncertain.

Some believe that the islet is named after the monk seal that is though as inhabiting the norther coast of the island until the beginning of the XX century. Some believe that it was the tomb where the emperor Augustus’ architect, Masgaba, was buried.

Some others have that the islet was natural basin to salt fishes, or a site for rabbit breeding.

What is instead certain are the geological origins of this strangely beautiful rock. It is, in fact, a piece of Sorrento Peninsula, which was submerged by the sea thousands and thousands years ago.

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The ‘Scoglio del Monacone’ is also home, along with the third faraglione from the land, to the famous, very rare and almost impossible to find anywhere else in the world, blue lizard.

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This is just one of the many wonders to visit taking a boat tour around the island on the traditional ‘gozzo‘. Ask our hotel staff about how to enjoy such a trip!!!


Capri’s Blue Grotto. A fascinating and mysterious story.

The Blue Grotto. One of the most renowned in the world. Everyone talks about it. Still, a mysterious place that inspired fascinating stories.

Being located on the north-western side of the island is not visible from the outside visible. During high tides, the only way to enter through is small mouth cave is swimming.

So, how to enter it in bright, sunny days?

Board a tiny, traditional rowboat. Lie down. For it is not possible to enter it staying seated, least of all standing. The boatman grabs a chain hooked into the rock and pulls. In less than one second you find yourself into the dark.

It takes a couples of seconds for the outline of the cave emerge. Then, the magic. The cave’s areblue/emerald-colored, due to very particular lighting conditions.Light, in fact, comes from two sources. One is the tiny mouth at the waterline. The other is an underwater hole ten times larger than the former. As you dive in, your skin turns blue.



Blue grotto is thought to be Emperor Tiberius’ personal swimming hole and temple. Geometry of the cave is also quite complex and mysterious.

Three connecting passageways at the back of the main hall lead to the ‘Room of Names’, named after the graffiti visitors left over the centuries. Two more passageways lead deeper into the internal cliffs of the island, and are said to be leading straight to the Emperor’s villa. Which one is that remains unknown.


It can be either the most renowned villa on the top of the mount on the opposite side of the island – Villa Jovis; or the villa located on the road leading to the cave in Anacapri – Villa Damecuta; or another villa on the northern side of the island, in the area known as ‘Palazzo a Mare’ – quite nothing remaining of it. Or it can be the three of them. No one really knows.


The whole story is surrounded by mystery. And that’s fine. Maybe it’s mystery that makes this story fascinating.



Three things to do during your Week-End in Capri

Spring is just around the corner. Capri does give its best during this time of the year. Winter is certainly mild on the island, but Spring offers the spectacle of nature blossoming: the colours and scents of local greenery and flowers filling the air.

The island is the idea location for a nice, romantic week-end. Here are three things to do and see to spend a lovely time.

Boat tour around the island. Hire one of the traditional local boats known as ‘gozzo’ and let Capri’s cliffs to amaze you.


A stroll around Capri and Anacapri town’s streets and alleys. It may be a small island, and it surely is, but Capri island is various and diverse. The two towns share a stunningly beautiful nature. Still they have a different identity. Capri town is a place for glamorous shopping and fancy lifestyle.


Anacapri is where life beats a different rhythm. Small restaurants, original bistros, artisanal workshops. Life like it once was, with a Mediterranean flavour.


Ancient ruins. Under emperor Tiberius rule, Capri was the centre of the Roman Empire. The island offers the chance to go back in time by visiting the majestic Villa Jovis and Damecuta ruins.


Take a look at our website to find out how to book your Spring holiday!!!


A step closer to Spring. Why choose Capri island

January is over and we are a step closer to Spring. Capri certainly is the ideal destination for your well deserved Spring break. For a number of reasons.

  • Capri island is located right in the centre of the gulf of Naples. In a bunch of minutes you can easily access some of the most stunning wonders in the world: Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Pompeii and Herculaneum, the ancient city of Naples, the islands of Procida and Ischia.
  • The weather is warm, but not hot and you can enjoy the spectacle of the blossoming nature while walking around. Capri is a terrific place for hiking lovers.
  • A lively, but not crowded place. Strolling around beautiful Anacapri town, shopping in the small streets and alleys dotted with artisanal workshops and dining at open air restaurants really is an amazing experience.

These are just three of the many reasons why Capri island is the place-to-go for a Spring break. The rest you can find out coming here.

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Passetiello trail. A walk into the wild.

As we said in a previous post, Capri island is the ideal place for hiking lovers. Dozens of hidden paths to the most spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the most adventurous one certainly is ‘Passetiello’ trail, leading to the island’s highest peak, Mount Solaro. Words cannot properly describe the astonishing view to be enjoyed once at the top.

Passetiello was for a long long time the only existing way, along with Scala Fenicia, to reach Anacapri (the upper part of the island) from Capri town. The first road connecting the two towns was built at beginning of the XX century.

Starting at the junction between the roads to the port, Marina Piccola and Anacapri, Passetiello really is a trip into the wild. As you will find yourself hiking for up to 3 hours, this walk requires some skills. Endurance, first and above all.

Passetiello | Capri | Holiday

You can barely see the sky along most of the climb, as the sight is blocked by trees. Still, as passing through a narrow passage, the most stunning view opens up in front of your eyes. Looking North, the whole Gulf Of Naples. Looking South, the blue waters stretching out to Sicily. Looking at your feet, the whole island.

Climb for half an hour at least on a slope so steep you need to proceed zig-zagging, and the magnificent Cetrella gets disclosed. Now, sit down and relax, and let your eyes feast on such a spectacle.

Capri | Italy | Holiday

From here, a nice and easy flat walk will lead you to Mount Solaro, from where you will enjoy the spectacle of the sun setting down right behind the beautiful Ischia island.





Capri: emerald, blue waters

Emerald, blue waters. That’s the colour of Capri island’s waters, even though words cannot quite describe their beauty.

What’s the cause of such a unique shade? That’s not an easy question to answer. But we can try anyway, starting from one of the main features that Capri shares with Greece’s renowned island: geology.


Unlike the other islands of the gulf of Naples, Capri is not a volcanic island. It originated from the same tectonic plate that formed the Sorrentine Peninsula, of which the Capri is an extension.

Capri is basically made of limestone and dolomite. It looks like a big chunk of rock emerging straight from the seas. There are no sandy shores. The only two accessible shores are made of pebbles. The large majority of beach clubs and pubic shores are carved out into the rocks.

The almost total absence of sand gives the island’s sea its unique colour. Something for which Capri is greatly renowned all around the world.

There is another way in which geology contributes to the island’s reputation.

Limestone and dolomite are easily eroded. The effect of such erosion is the many caves and caverns dotting Capri’s coastline. The most famous one is the Blue Grotto, a natural cavern whose iridescent blue color is caused by the very unique reflection of the sunlight passing through an underwater cavity.


But there are more caves and cavern to visit and discover, like the Green Grotto and the majestic White Grotto. All you need to do is book a holiday and take a boat tour of the island!!!

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Capri’s hidden paths. A whole world to discover!

Capri might seem a small island, which certainly is if we compare it with other islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Still, depending on the perspective from which we consider the many things a place like Capri offers, what seems to be small suddenly becomes big.

One example is the multitude of paths and routes running through the whole island. Hundred miles to walk an entire week would not be enough to cover. Most of them you can find on the map. Some of them you cannot. Yet, they are there for the most curious ones to find.

Capri in Autumn

What’s really special about Capri’s routes is the stunning view each and everyone of them offers over the Mediterranean Sea. Landscapes of unique beauty disclosing right in front of your eyes.

There is a path we do love. It’s got no name. Starting point being at Dentecala Viewpoint (Belvedere Dentecala). Few steps and you find yourself surrounded by the scent of hundreds year old pines.

Capri | Faraglioni

The pine forest is the gateway to a route encircling Mount Tuoro, whose south side overlooks the Faraglioni Rocks and Marina Piccola Bay, while the northern side offers a spectacular view over the Gulf of Naples and the twin islands of Ischia and Procida.

Ischia | Capri

Best time of the year to enjoy this? Definitely Spring and Fall, when local nature gives its best!


Autumn in Capri. One of the most beautiful and romantic seasons of the year.

Capri island, one of the world’s most renowned destinations for summer holidays. Synonymous with luxury shopping, glamorous lifestyle and crazy nightlife. That’s what Capri is, in part. In fact, this is just one side of the whole story.

Maybe not everyone knows that Capri rose to prominence between as a ‘cool’ tourism destination between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, when writers, intellectuals, archaeologists and scholars fell in love with the myth of the Mediterranean Sea.

As the residence of Emperor Tiberius was discovered on the top of the mount that has been known since then as Mount Tiberius, Capri became one of the so-called Grand tour’s milestones and a destination for winter tourism.

Until at the 1950s Capri was the place where prominent personalities from all over the world came to spend the Autumn and Winter time.

Autumn | Capri | Holidays

Autumn is in fact one of the most beautiful seasons of the year to have a holiday in Capri. That is true for a number of reasons.

  1. If you don’t fancy the Summer’s madding crowd, that’s the time. The island maintains the liveliness of the Summer time, but it’s quiet and peaceful.
  2. The weather. Warm and sunny days to enjoy the sun and te blu, crystal clear waters surrounding the island.
  3. Colours. The island’s skies get depicted with shades of colours beautifully mixing together. An astonishing spectacle words cannot describe.
  4. From ancient Roman ruins to breathtaking views from the island’s highest peaks, Capri’s cultural and natural wonders are all yours to discover.
  5. Naples, the Sorrento coast, Ischia island, the Amalfi coast. Every single one of these marvellous places you want to visit, you can do it smoothly. No queues, no unbearable heat, nothing like that. Your just need to decide where you want to go and what you want to see.

Just imagine what it would be like walking down one Anacapri town’s beautiful streets, maybe after having dinner in the open air at one of the many traditional little restaurants, surrounded by a magic and romantic atmosphere… with nothing more than a jumper on your shoulders.


Anacapri | Capri | Italy | Holiday

A 3 days holiday in Anacapri. Here is what to do and see…

A 3 days holiday. It might seem quite a little to discover all the beauties Capri island has to offer, but it’s not. There’s plenty of things to turn your holiday into a unique experience. So, let’s get started.

Day 1 – You’ve just arrived. Let’s say it’s early afternoon. You’ve checked in, taken a look around the hotel and the room you’ve been assigned, maybe had a shower to get refreshed after the long journey. Now, the whole holiday is ahead.

Have you ever experienced that sensation like ‘I’ve got plenty of time to do whatever I want, but I don’t know what to do?’, and you risk spending hours of your precious and well deserved holiday staring at the wall? Yes, that’s it. That’s exactly that moment.

Sun is bright and shining, but it’s getting late to go to the beach… after all you don’t know the island and don’t know where to go. But it seems very beautiful outside and you feel like going out.

So, here’s our suggestion. Get off the hotel and take a relaxing stroll around picturesque Anacapri town. Sit at one of the many little bars in the hight street, Via Giuseppe Orlandi, sit at a table and savour a home made fresh lemonade or a delicious ice cream. Enjoy the dazzling colours of the cozy artisanal workshops dotting both sides of the street.

Anacapri | Capri | Italy

Continue along Via Orlandi until you found yourself in Via Axel Munthe. Visit Villa San Michele and get stunned by the breathtaking view over the gulf of Naples. That’s really quite something!

Anacapri | Capri | Italy

It’s aperitif time. Go back to the town centre. Get delighted by the shades of colours sunset donates. Outside is nice and warm. The ideal wether for a dinner under a lemon tree, a flowery courtyard or a terrace overlooking the sea.

Day 2 – You’ve just woken up from a long and relaxing sleep. Sun is shining and you’re excited about your new whole holiday day that’s only about to begin.

A piece of delicious hand made cake for breakfast to get the day started? Good choice!

Now that you feel strong and sound, you may want to hike along on of the most beautiful trails in the whole island and the surroundings: the Forts Trail. A natural path along the coastline dotted with the many forts the English and Frenchs soldiers built at the time they were fighting each other at the beginning of the 19th century. Words cannot describe the beauty that your eyes will see at every corner of this unique walk.

Capri | Italy

End this tour at ‘The Lighthouse‘, the far south-western corner of the island, where you will relax at the local beach club or at one of the small beach bars and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. We recommend you stay there all day long, to experience the spectacle of the sunset drinking a ice cold beer or a glass of white wine.

Anacapri | Capri | Faro

Day 3 – Fancy another day at the beach? Good. This time you may want to take a look at the famous south bay of the island: Marina Piccola bay.

Whether you wish to experience a direct contact with nature (the rocks, a towel and the island’s crystal blue waters), or lie down onto on of the many beach clubs’ sun beds, that’s the right place for you. Whatever you go for, it will make your day!!!


As you’re in Capri town, you might want to take a walk down Via Camerelle, Capri’s glamorous high-street, where celebrities and VIPs usually spend their shopping time. From here, you may want to continue along Via Tragara: a round terrace right above the Faraglioni rocks will give you one of the most romantic and beautiful views over the Mediterranean sea.