Spring, time to travel… to Capri Island

Capri island is a whole world to discover. A world of many beautiful things to do and see that you will always remember. Each and everyone of such things in turn represent a reason to come back.

Sparkling blue-green waters, wonderful trails leading to spectacular views, marvellous surroundings to discover. Beauty all around.

Hotel Senaria

Capri is in fact right in the middle of the gulf of Naples, which allow visitors to reach such places as Ischia island, Procida island, the city of Naples itself, Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast in just a bunch of minutes.

Speaking of Capri, Hotel Senaria is located in the heart of Anacapri town’s historic centre. A very picturesque place. The ideal location to live a real Mediterranean experience.

An intimate and romantic location, far from Capri town’s fancy rustle duzzle, which is still something worth of experiencing.

Hotel Senaria

Hotel Senaria is just a bunch of minutes from such amazing places as the Lighthouse and the Blue Grotto.  Places you will almost certainly fall in love with.

Hotel Senaria



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