Naples’ seafront. A must-to-go place

This is Capri island from ‘Lungomare di Chiaia‘, Naples’ beautiful waterfront, stretching from majestic ‘Castel Nuovo’, where the very peculiar ‘Borgo dei Marinari’ lies, a sort of fishermen citadel, in the east, to wonderful ‘Mergellina’ area in the west.

Naples’ seaside has been recently revamped and turned into a pedestrian area. An array of restaurants, bars and bistrot serving delicious local food.


Just imagine strolling down the city’s seafront¬†on a wonderful Saturday afternoon savouring an artisanal ice-cream, a fresh breeze coming from the sea, a breathtaking view, the air filled with the delicate smell of Neapolitan coffee.

It takes nothing to get to Naples from Capri. Just 45 minutes by fast ferry and 1:30 h by slow ferry.

A city of thousand years history, founded in 9-8th century BC as one of the most important Magna Grecia’s cities. The traces of such an important Greek past are still largely visible today, as the town’s historic centre known as ‘Centro Antico’ maintains the same urban structure and layout as nearly 3000 years ago.

The area has been listed as one of UNESCO’s intangible sites. And it is definitely worth visiting it!!!



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