Trails, museums and art galleries. A treasure to discover.

It doesn’t matter whether it is sunny, or cloudy. Capri is always fascinating, and is always plenty of things to do.

First, a great variety of trails for tracking lovers leading to wonderful spots. An amazing way to enjoy the beauty of local greenery and nature.

Museums. Capri island has a thousand years history which visitors can discover and appreciate.

Casa Rossa is one of them. A peculiar piece of architecture storing remarkable works of art. The building is located right in the centre of Anacapri town, just steps from hotel Senaria.

Casa Rossa

Certosa di San Giacomo. An ancient monastery featuring two beautiful cloisters, Certosa di San Giacomo is home to one of the most important art collection of the famous Romantic painters in Western culture: Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach.

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach

Contemporary art galleries provide another pleasant solution for those who love culture.

These are just hints into the many activities to engage in. Stay tuned to discover more!!!


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