Capri, not just Faraglioni

Capri is internationally renowned for three majestic rocks rising from the island’s south-eastern waters: the Faraglioni rocks.

Hotel Senaria

However, not everyone knows that a further faraglione exists. It is called ‘Scoglio del Monacone‘. A possible English translation might be the Monk’s rock. But this is just a conjecture, as the name’s origins is uncertain.

Some believe that the islet is named after the monk seal that is though as inhabiting the norther coast of the island until the beginning of the XX century. Some believe that it was the tomb where the emperor Augustus’ architect, Masgaba, was buried.

Some others have that the islet was natural basin to salt fishes, or a site for rabbit breeding.

What is instead certain are the geological origins of this strangely beautiful rock. It is, in fact, a piece of Sorrento Peninsula, which was submerged by the sea thousands and thousands years ago.

Hotel Senaria

The ‘Scoglio del Monacone’ is also home, along with the third faraglione from the land, to the famous, very rare and almost impossible to find anywhere else in the world, blue lizard.

Hotel Senaria

This is just one of the many wonders to visit taking a boat tour around the island on the traditional ‘gozzo‘. Ask our hotel staff about how to enjoy such a trip!!!


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