Capri island and the Gulf of Naples. A paradise for gastronomy lovers.

Italy. According to some estimates the country is home to half the world’s greatest art treasures. Italy is considered the birthplace of Western civilisation, a sort of cultural superpower. The most renowned elements of its culture are music, art, architecture, fashion and food.

There is probably no other element that is capable to express the country’s cultural diversity such as food. As everyone knows, Italy is not just the place of great cities such as Florence, Milan, Naples and Rome. Italy is, in fact, the place of hundreds small towns and villages, each and everyone of them being characterised by its own cultural heritage. – including architecture, dialect, art, music and, of course, food.

Thus, just like architecture, art, music and dialect, every city, every town, even within the same region, has its own way to prepare the same dish.

That’s true for Capri and the surroundings as well. ‘Spaghetti alla Nerano’, to give one example. The way you have them in wonderful Nerano, on the other side of the small canal dividing Capri from Sorrento Peninsula, you cannot have on the island – or anywhere else throughout the Gulf of Naples. No one ever got to know which ingredient or combination of ingredients make them so special and unique as in Nerano.

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‘Coniglio all’Ischitana’, just another example. A very specific way of cooking rabbit, with or without pasta. You cannot have it the same way you have in Ischia island, no matter how much hard you try, no matter how much care and attention you put in balancing ingredients, no matter how much renowned the restaurant you step in is.

Sausage. There are so many different kinds of sausages in Italy, so many different ways of preparing and cooking it that we might firmly declare there is no such a thing as ‘sausage’. The way to prepare it is the subject of a never-ending dispute between Neapolitans and Capresi. Unlike the former, the latter have it with fennel seams and fat – so that is tastes in a completely different way. Of course sausage by Capresi cooks is an abomination for Neapolitans and vice versa.

How not to mention Ravioli Capresi? Something you can eat only in Capri, as it is made with a particular kind of cheese (Caciotta cheese) that is produced specifically for Ravioli Capresi – and nothing else.


So, if you love good food and gastronomy, Capri island and such a land of wonders as the Gulf of Naples, with its gorgeous towns and island, is the the right place for you to spend your holidays.


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