Fall. Capri’s blue waters and rocky shores are just yours to enjoy.

See the picture above? It seems it was taken on a Summer sunny day, but it was taken, instead, exactly three days ago on Monday, October 16th.

As we have said many times throughout this blog, Capri has so many wonderful things to do and see that one week alone would not be enough to do and see them altogether.

Whatever you love you can find it here: culture, nature, history, fashion, food, luxury shopping, craftsmanship, and so forth and so on.

Still, for those who love lying in the sun and enjoy the island’s crystal clear waters, there is no better time of the year than Fall. Whether it’s September or December, it still feels like Summer.

Difference is, while in Summer the island’s waters swarm with boat and temperatures can be unbearably hot, in October Capri’s rocky shores are just yours. Few, small boats humming around and none of the madding, yet colourful crowd filling the island’s streets and alleys in, say, July and August.

The ideal atmosphere to indulge in a couple of days break from frenzy of everyday life.


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