Capri’s hidden paths. A whole world to discover!

Capri might seem a small island, which certainly is if we compare it with other islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Still, depending on the perspective from which we consider the many things a place like Capri offers, what seems to be small suddenly becomes big.

One example is the multitude of paths and routes running through the whole island. Hundred miles to walk an entire week would not be enough to cover. Most of them you can find on the map. Some of them you cannot. Yet, they are there for the most curious ones to find.

Capri in Autumn

What’s really special about Capri’s routes is the stunning view each and everyone of them offers over the Mediterranean Sea. Landscapes of unique beauty disclosing right in front of your eyes.

There is a path we do love. It’s got no name. Starting point being at Dentecala Viewpoint (Belvedere Dentecala). Few steps and you find yourself surrounded by the scent of hundreds year old pines.

Capri | Faraglioni

The pine forest is the gateway to a route encircling Mount Tuoro, whose south side overlooks the Faraglioni Rocks and Marina Piccola Bay, while the northern side offers a spectacular view over the Gulf of Naples and the twin islands of Ischia and Procida.

Ischia | Capri

Best time of the year to enjoy this? Definitely Spring and Fall, when local nature gives its best!



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