5 Simple Reasons why Hotel Senaria is an ideal holiday destination

Hotel Senaria has become over the years one of most renowned destinations for those who want to spend their holidays in Anacapri town.

Why is that? Why we believe Senaria hotel is the right place to live a unique experience?

  1. Location. Anacapri, a far from the crowd place, whose streets and alleys are dotted with lovely restaurants serving delicious, traditional food, and artisanal workshops producing items you will find nowhere else. Hotel Senaria is located in the heart of the historic centre. Still, it is surrounded by the luxuriant local greenery, which gives its best in Spring, when nature bursts with flowers and colours, and Autumn, with its picturesque atmosphere and the scent of the grape harvest filling the air.
  2. Welcoming atmosphere. Hotel Senaria doesn’t really feel like a hotel. It’s actually like being at home: a comfortable, relaxing and informal vibe. Owners and staff are always there to help. Talking to them is like talking with friends. They will also provide all the information and guidance you need through the beauties and wonders of Anacapri town and Capri island.
  3. Breakfast. Imagine what it feels like waking up in the morning and getting your day started with some unique home made delicacies. Words cannot really describe it. You only need to come and try it!
  4. Sleep quality. Quiet. The quiet and silence of a Mediterranean island for those who really need to take a well deserved break from the craziness of the everyday life. A long and regenerating night sleep in a large bed and comfortable room. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
  5. Value. What do you think all this is worth? Think about it and divide it by 100!

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