Shopping in Anacapri, a must-do experience to get must-have items

You can go for luxury shopping, or you can go for something unique that cannot be reproduced.

If you choose the latter, then you will find yourself strolling around Anacapri town’s little alleys. A variety of cosy, tiny artisanal workshops to enjoy and discover.

Colourful ceramics, leather sandals (the so called ‘sandalo caprese’, surely a must-have item), linen shirts, pants, dresses, scarves. The expression of a longstanding cultural heritage that has made Anacapri a destination-to-be appealing the most refined tastes.


In fact, local craftsmanship has managed to evolve over the decades without losing its original traits, features and character. A very specific encounter between tradition and innovation, which actually reflects the kind of evolution as a major tourism destination the town has undergone.

So, what’s in the ideal bag of those returning from their holiday? A bottle of limoncello? Of course. A boat tour around the island for you to get astonished at the majestic natural wonders Capri offers? No doubts. Surely, a pair of beautifully crafted sandals for your friends to think ‘I want them, too!’.


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