Love hiking? Capri’s the right place for you!!!

Capri island is generally known as a place swarming with thousand of daily tourists or as a glamorous location for the extra rich and wealthy ones.

What not everyone knows, instead, is that Capri is also made of dozens of hidden paths and routes, running into the wild and leading to some of the most spectacular spots in the entire world.

The ideal place for hikers and nature lovers who want to experience something quite unique.

For a very long time, the so called Passetiello trail and Scala Fenicia (Phoenician stairway) were the only two available ways to reach Anacapri town from Capri town. Both these itineraries are stunningly beautiful and worth a try.

Passetiello trail starts at the junction between the road to the port, Marina Piccola bay and Anacapri. A mountain path that requires some skills and time (2 hours, depending on how much strong and fit you are). After a quite long climb along the mountain side a breathtaking view opens up in front of your eyes. The whole island, the gulf of Naples, the Amalfi coast and the Mediterranean Sea stretching out to Sicily.

Capri | itineraries

After a further half an hour climb, magnificent Cetrella valley provides the right spot to take a rest.

Scala Fenicia is a very stairway connecting the port of Capri in Marina Grande village to Anacapri. It was once thought to be built by ancient colonisers before the Greeks arrived. Still, according to more recent studies the stairway was built by the Greek colonisers to get access to the upper part of the island. If you want some special pictures to show to your friends when you’re home, that’s the right place to go.

Capri | Itineraries

Villa Jovis, a 2 thousand years journey back in time. Emperor Tiberius’ residence, the headquarter of the imperial power on the top of a 334 mt. rocky slope.

Capri | Itineraries

Right under Villa Jovis, another old mansion, Villa Lysis, built by a French industrialist at the beginning of the XX century. Right on the side of the house, a path departs that leads you to a rocky beach on the island’s east edge, right where Emperor Tiberius was said by his opponents to throw his young lovers.

Pizzolungo. A coastal path that leads to the Natural Arch, a majestic arch made of rocks, through Grotta di Matermania. Centuries ago, this cave was served  as a Roman amphitheatre, where Bacchus, the Greek god of the harvest, wine and fertility, and other gods were honoured.

Capri | Itineraries

These are just hints into the many things to do and see in Capri. The best time of the year to enjoy them? Definitely Spring and Autumn. But that’s just a point of view.


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