The Ancient City of Naples: a unique experience for a one day trip

Did you know that Naples City and Capri Island share a lot more than the same geographic area, food (to a certain extent) and dialect (to a certain extent)? Maybe yes. What I’m talking about is their origins.

Under the rule of Emperor Tiberius Capri was the centre of the Empire, that’s true. Naples was one of the most important cultural cities during the Roman age either. However, long before Rome arose as Italy and the world’s new military and political power, both Naples and Capri were Greek colonies. And such Greek identity they maintained overt the centuries.

So, let’s start from Naples. There’s a lot you can see to enjoy the city. You will need more than two weeks to see it all – to be optimistic. But, if you wish to spend one day of your holiday and experience something really special and unique, here is our suggestion: the city’s ancient city.

History | Centre | Naples

Neapolis (that’s how Naples’ ancient centre is called), is located between today’s Corso Umberto (south), Via Mezzocannone (West) up to Via Foria (North) and road leading to Piazza Garibaldi train station (East). This part of the city has maintained the same urban structure since the VI century BC – the area of the old agora still standing there. It was listed by UNESCO as a world heritage centre in 1995.

Naples | Underground | City

This is one of the most unique places on Earth. Words cannot describe it. Only thing to do is visit it and enjoy its colourful atmosphere.

Such a uniqueness is paralleled with what’s beneath the ground. Departing from the Greek agora, a path underneath the street floor, Underground Naples (Napoli Sotterranea), leads through the discovery of an old and mysterious world. The very womb from which the city was born: the Greek-Roman Aqueduct, the stunning Hypogeaum Gardens, the Roman Theatre.

Church | Agora | Naples

Naples is a city that surprises you at every corner of its many streets. It’s diverse and paradoxical, in a sense – its beauty certainly being not replicable.



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